Aces Blackjack

Aces Blackjack (SP) 1.0.12

Beat the banker


  • Strategy Card
  • Fast action
  • Bet pretend money


  • Limited gameplay

Very good
Fancy yourself as a bit of a card shark but too frightened to bet with real money? Well Aces Blackjack is as near as you can get to the real thing without losing your house. There are three main games at the green table - Classic Blackjack, Aces Time Crunch against the clock and Aces Hand Challenge to grab as much cash as you can from limited hands.

The dealer is pretty sharp himself and there's no looking in his eyes or calling his bluff, so it's a little tricky. For those in need of some help there's a great strategy card giving advice on when to bet and when to stand. If you're not up-to-speed with the game of Blackjack there are clear instructions.

However, the demo is limited and requires restarting after every game.

Aces Blackjack features:

Play up to 10 decks at a time.
Aces Time Crunch: High score race against the clock!
Aces Hand Challenge: Every play counts against a set number of hands.
Blackjack reference card.
Great sound effects with on/off option and volume control.
Game and career statistics.
4 game speeds.
Set table limits.
Split up to 3 hands.
Double Down option.
Dealer Insurance option.
Automatic betting amounts.
Automatic save.

Aces Blackjack


Aces Blackjack (SP) 1.0.12

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